Monday was pretty boring and I pretty much did the same this here. Still trying to keep my miles low, so I only ran 3.

Tuesday’s workout went like this:

300 reps with sprints

Sweet Sixteen

10 minutes sprints:

Sprint from the side line to side line 10 times and rest for one minute.

Next, sprint to side line and back, then so crossovers and back (switch directions), and sprint again. Next, slide side line and back (switch direction and go again) followed by a sprint. Next jog backwards and back, and followed by one last sprint. Rest for one minute.

Repeat these 2 different sprints until you hit 10 minutes. I will have to do a video of this, because I can’t really explain this in words!

Squat Cross Crunch

Pilates Leg Pull Back

Side Crunch 15 each side

Speed Ladder with burpees at each end

15 ball squats 15 ball push ups repeat

Plank with shoulders touches/10, switch over to back alternating hand to foot crunch/10, switch. Repeat 2 more times.

Ladders sprints, after one ladder do 10 Ski Climbers, repeat 2 more times

to finish out our 300 reps- we set up a square circuit around the gym:

Starting at the baseline-alternating moving squats with tricep dips, when you get to the end, turn and start lunges with biceps curls, turn run through speed ladder, turn and lastly run backwards with arms above head to starting point repeat 2 more times. (We held weights in are hands the whole time.)

Lastly we did more ladder sprints like we did previously, but instead of Ski Climbers we held a plank for 1 minute. Repeat 2 more times.




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