Friday and Saturday’s workout

I knew I wanted to run outside on Saturday a “longer distance” so I didn’t run much on Friday. If you feel as though you are getting bored at the gym, this is a great workout for you:

15 minutes-ellipitcal

15 minutes-treadmill

10 minutes-jacobs ladder

10 minutes-row machine

5 minutes-stairs

total 55 minutes/total calories for me was about 700.

I guess you could call this an ADD workout! But constantly changing it up helps me to not get bored with just doing the same old thing.

On a sad note I found out last week that McDonald’s Chocolate Shake has 700 calories. That is one of the few things I like from McDonald’s. Just one of those was my whole workout! I definitely won’t be getting one of those for a while.

Saturday I woke up still sore, but ready to run more than 3 miles! Tonya and I decided to do the virtual run for Sherry:

I wanted to run 10 miles but it was freezing cold and windy, and so we ended up running 9. These treadmill legs were not used to the hard road and extra resistance from the wind, but it was awesome to run and talk with Tonya again. It makes miles go by much quicker when you have someone to talk to:) We finished in about 1:15 which is about a 8.22 mile. Not nearly as fast as the treadmill, but not bad considering the obstacles outside!

734701_10200499705073539_546282007_n[1] 61732_10200629272676264_1396317042_n[1]

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