Thursday Bootcamp

Warm up 5-8 minute jog

Repeat each of the following moves for one minute and then move to the next exercise. To keep your heart rate up take as few of breaks as possible.

1. Lunges hi/low switch every 8 counts  2. Twist with a weight  3.Plank with Rows  4. Squat side Kick  (Repeat)

1. Heisman over cones  2. Bicycle abs  3. Spider Push ups  4. Alternating leg lifts on stability ball  (Repeat)

1. Alternating jumping jacks/jump rope every 8 count 2. Ball pass 3. Star pass  4. Wall sits  (Repeat)

1. 2 Jump Squat 2 jumping jacks  2. Leg twist (lying on back knees and a 90 degree angle twist legs and push out to side pull back in and repeat on the opposite side.) 3. Tricep dips on ball 4. Side Lunge with arms/weight over head (Repeat)

1. Speed Ladder 2. plank with a twist 3. Dead lift/hammer curl  4. Heel tap (Repeat)

If you don’t have a speed ladder you can run in place, do high knees or, buttkickers. This was a good workout, I’m going to be sore tomorrow!


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