Tuesday Workout

Today’s workout breakdown:

6-8 minute warm up jog

Sweet Sixteen

Circuit training:

1st set:

Tap Dance or ski jumps 1-minute

Box Blasts  1-minute

Up-down Plank 1-minute

Turkish Get-Ups

no breaks in between sets

2nd Set:

3 quick squats on step followed by jumping jack 1-minute

Walking push up 1-minute

Box Blasts- other leg 1-minute

Turkish Get Ups- 1-minute

Pyramid Sprints to 5.

Speed Ladder 4 minutes

Circuit Course:

We done the first part of this before, I just added to end. When you get to the baseline, I had 2 steps set up on the opposite side. Tap dance forward across both steps, and then legs straddled around the step jump backwards and repeat tap dance. sprint to the starting line and repeat. We did this 6 times.

We finished with 8 minutes of cardio step and 8 minute abs.

These are my favorite oblique moves with a stability ball.

I’ve looked up on several websites how many calories bootcamp/circuit training excercises will burn and depending on the intensity it’s between 500 to 600. Not bad!




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