Thursday and Friday’s Workout


Since Wednesday was an incredibly tough workout I had no energy on Thursday and my legs felt like bricks. So it was a pretty easy workout :

Start: 8 minute jog around the court.

First set of sprints was a sweet sixteen. These kill! Major lung burn.

Second was pyramid sprints to 6. They are called different things this site calls them ladders.

Next we did some boot camp drills. The first set looked like this:

1. Slides with burpee. Setting cones, or whatever you have for a marker), in a triangle slide to the second cone do a burpee, then slide to the next cone third cone do a burpee, slide back to cone number 2/burpee, and then back to the starting cone end with a burpee. Repeat this for 1 minute 

2. Plank jack on ball. (This chick was breathing pretty hard lol) Repeat for 1 minute

3. Tap dance on step Repeat for 1 minute

We had 3 people so we rotated without break until all of us had gone through each drill. Repeat drill 2 time for added difficulty.

Second set of drills looked like this.

1. Lunges on step. Repeat for 1 minute

2. Plank with shoulders touches/10, switch over to back alternating hand to foot crunch/10, switch. Repeat for 1 minute.

3. Slides/moving weights. Set up 3 weights along the free throw line. Slide between the free throw and sideline picking up weight and setting it on sideline. Repeat for 1 minute.

Third set of drills

1. High knees on step 3 times moving forward and jump back to starting point. Repeat for one minute.

2. Alternate 10 chair dips and 10 bicep curls. Repeat for 1 minute.

3. Heisman over cones, (we used 3) with a burpee at each end. Repeat for 1 minute.

We ended with some continuous step moves for 8 minutes, which is kind of hard to explain. I will try to get a video up!

Friday workout:

This week was so hard on my body I ran 4.5 miles(really slow) only because I knew we probably wouldn’t be eating anything healthy for dinner. I need to get better about doing Yoga on Fridays and taking a day to stretch and recover. BYU TV has some great yoga sessions that I just record and save on my DVR. You can also watch them here.



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