No sprints for me

I typically run sprints and do some boot camp drills on Tuesday and Thursday but since the gym was closed for business I was forced to think of something else. I decided to do a 3 mile warm up on the treadmill:

3 miler

Followed by 40 minutes of step aerobics. I love step! But I don’t really like step videos at home, but since I live in a rural area I don’t have a lot of options when it comes to classes. So I made do with a video I have. I have a few that I really like from Netflix and Discount Workouts has all sorts of great at home workout videos. So I rotate what I have.

One of the reasons I enjoy step is it is a great workout and burns a lot of calories. So in 40 minutes I burned a little over 400 calories. It is also a great leg and butt toner workout, without having to use weights. I also enjoy watching my twin girls try to do the workout as well:)

step J

I finished with a 2 mile run on the treadmill when my legs were nice and tired just to switch up my routine a little bit.


2 miler

Overall I probably burned close to 1000 calories. I hated to do this but for some comparison I looked up my favorite meal from Cafe Rio, steak enchiladas. I knew it had a ton of calories but it is just so good I’ve never wanted to know.


Guess what? 2 steak enchiladas is close to 1000 calories, and the steak burrito is over 1000 calories! Yikes:(


(P.S. I think it is still worth it!)

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