For my workout today I ran eight miles…


It took forever! And I struggled today, I even jumped off a couple of times at the end because I just didn’t have the energy to get through. Right now I want to lose 5 lbs., and so I am paying a little bit more attention to my calorie intake. I love comparing how many calories I eat to how many miles I would have to run to burn it off. So today I burned almost 900 calories which is equivalent to a lunch size portion of Olive Garden’s chicken alfredo.

olive garden
Sometimes I hate looking up how many calories my favorite dishes have, but it is such an eye opener to what I am putting in my body.

A food journal is an awesome way to help lose weight. It holds you accountable for everything you eat and it can be a great tool in any weight loss program. When I know how long and how hard I have to work out to maintain or lose weight it makes me think twice before I stuff my face with delicious food!

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