Thursday Workout…

We usually start out with a 5-8 minute jog, followed by sprints. The first set of sprints are ran the width of the court. Standing on the sideline sprint to the other end and back, once back crossover down and back, and then turn and do a crossover down and back. Sprint down and back, when back slide down and back and then turn. Sprint down and back and then “sprint” backwards, and back. End with a sprint down and back and then repeat the whole thing:)

Next set of sprints are called pyramid sprints, and they are quickly becoming my favorite! We went to 8 today, and someday we will make it to 10! Start on the baseline, run down and back for the first set of lines, this is one. Next run down and back twice, this is two. You will repeat this adding 1 set of lines until your reach your desired goal. Since it is called a pyramid sprints, what goes up must come down. So take today for example we went up to 8, so then we come back down by running 7 sets of lines, all the way back down to 1. It looks like this 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,7,6,5,4,3,2,1. Your done! This will take awhile probably 15-20 minutes, but it is an awesome workout. Oh, and take a little break in between to catch your breath!

Next was speed Ladder 5 minutes of drills

Wall sits-(we used a stability ball today) hold for as long as you can and then do 10 squats, without stopping drop back down and hold the wall sit for as long as you can, do 10 squats again. Drop back down one more time and hold followed by 10 squats. Your legs should be burning! I thought I could hold it for way longer then what I ended up doing. My legs were baked from running sprints. Our time looked like this:

First wall sit 1:15, Second 50 seconds, Third 50 seconds.

Next I found a new sprint to try out, Once you hit the baseline job backwards to the start. Repeat 4 times.

Touchdown Move, alternate legs and arms until it burns, and then do 5 more! Add hand weights to make it tougher.

End with 10 minute Abs. I usually pick 6-8 moves and work through them. Today we used a stability ball, here are some good ones:abs-stability-ball_300


act-Stability-Ball-Roll-Out200[1] flat-belly-moves-2[1]



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