I get asked a lot what I do for workouts and training for marathons, so I thought it would be a good idea to start a blog about it! It will also be nice to have a journal to look back on of different training techniques and marathon training schedules.
Just a little bit about me, I’m a mother of 4 and working out is my hobby and stress reliever. I am not a personal trainer but I love working out and finding new ways to strengthen my body. I have ran 5 half marathons, 1 full marathon, and 1 ragnar relay. I like to average one race a year, and no more than 2. I didn’t consider myself a runner until after I had my first child 8 (almost 9 yikes) years ago. However, I have always considered myself an athlete. I played softball, volleyball, basketball growing up so the need to push myself and stay in shape has been instilled deep inside me.
Running is my main form of exercise, but last year I really kicked it up a notch and started running sprints and doing a lot of boot-camp stuff. I love it! I have gained a lot of strength this last year and I’ve really surprised myself with what I can do, even in my old age:) I hope this blog with inspire and be a place to come for ideas for some great workout moves. Enjoy!

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