300 Rep Challenge

I do this workout quite a bit, and I stole this idea from here. Most of my ideas I admittedly steal from someone else:) This workout consists of 10 different workout moves repeated 30 times in a row. Between each move is a break with 1 to 2 minutes of cardio. I like to do sprints, but there are other options if you don’t have access to a gym. For example, jumping jacks, high knees, anything to get your heart rate going. Here is our workout from Tuesday:

Cardio-Terrible Ten (Ten sets of lines the width of a basketball court, like a sweet sixteen but only 10 instead of 16)

Push-up twist ( Each arm is a rep) 15 each arm, and 15 push-ups

Cardio-2 Suicides

Mountain Climbers (30 Reps)

Cardio- 6 lines (Down and back the length of the court)

Blank row to burpee (Each pull is a Rep, do 30 total)

Cardio- Slides with weights (place 2 weights along the length of the free throw line, slide to grab the weight and then set down on other end of free throw line repeat, when done with both weights sprint to the end of the court and then job backwards) Repeat 4 times.

Ab Twist with weighted ball (30 Reps)

Cardio-Speed Ladder

Heel Tap (15 each leg)

Cardio-Terrible Ten

Arabesque Kickback with arm extensions (arms go straight out in front) (15 each leg)

Cardio- 2 ladders

Tricep dip with a reverse crunch (30 Reps)

Cardio- 6 lines

Lunges back and forth with a bicep curl (15 each leg)

Cardio- Slides with weights

Squat figure 8 (30 Reps)

Cardio-Speed Ladder

T-Stand with a twist (15 each arm)

Ending with 5 minutes of Abs.


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